• So, I sucked it up, traded in my handcart, and got on instagram.  Yeah! All three of you (who are probably closely related to me) who read my posts can find me here. Although you are probably already following me anyway, hah! I am weird about social media.  I’m not on facebook, and never have… [Continue Reading]

    welcome to 2017 caroline
  • Since we have a new house, with several more rooms to decorate,  new curtains are needed. My favorite place to shop for cheap curtains is Target. But I don’t look in the curtain section. If you are looking for cheap curtains, the clearance tablecloths are were it’s at. Especially if you have tall ceilings. I… [Continue Reading]

    target finds
  • Well, it’s been kind of quiet around here for the last couple of weeks. We ran out of room about two years ago, when the last baby was born. And we had four girls in one room and no place to put the baby’s crib I the boys room. So he slept in the office… [Continue Reading]

    we’ve moved
  •   Back to the house tour! This is our living room: This is the first room you see when you come into our home. I love the crown moulding. And the chair moulding and box trim below. I kind of love trim. We’ve had the piano since our oldest was a baby.  It’s a little… [Continue Reading]

    house tour: living room
  • Sewing a tulle skirt is not a new idea. It’s something I have wanted to try and was to chicken because it looked fancy.  I saw this tutorial in January, bought the material in March and put it together in July. We’re just cranking out the crafts here people. 😉 I used this tutorial, because… [Continue Reading]

    diy tulle skirt