doc-it folders embellished  
Just a quick post today. The first week of school has kicked my bum. We’ve also had other exciting things going on at our house this week (I’ll tell you later on this month and no, I’m not expecting!) but combine all that with a lovely cold and my brain has been mush. 
We did this little project in about ten minutes while getting all the school supplies ready last week. We are big Harry Potter fans, so they were thrilled. And so was Mr. Flash, my ninth grader. 
mischief managed notebook 
My new middle schooler picked this folder. They are DocIt folders and they work really well for keeping my kids organized. They have 8 pockets with labels but the pockets are stacket veritcally, so you can see (and not forget) all the subjects at once.  I got this one at HEB, our local grocery store, for $6. They grey ones I ordered on Amazon for $8.  I ordered the vinyl decals off Amazon since I’m craft cutter less.

My tenth grader was to cool to allow himself to do anything but smile and say “Thanks Mom!” when I handed him his folder. But since he has been enamoured with the wizarding world since he was tiny, I knew that inside, he was secretly jumping up and down.

My new high schooler was very nervous and I thought this would cheer him up.  He really likes super heros, and the flash is his favorite. Another kid made happy!

And the best part is, if they get sick of them, they can just peel them off! 
How do you keep your kids organized for school?
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