Apple for the teacher bucket 

So our school is starting next week, and I would be sad about it but, kids need the stricter schedule. And I need them to stop tearing my house apart. Before I go insane. And the nitpicking. And guess who is the worst? The teenagers. I’m in for it when all four girls are teenagers at the same time. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of for sure. 

Anyway, we had meet the teacher night, and I like to give gifts, so we (my 11 year old and I) threw this together at the last minute because I really liked this nail polish idea  but decided that since we already knew two of our three teachers, we should take the idea in another direction to better suit them.

apple bucket supplies  
So we picked up a few things while we were out shopping for other things. Target gift cards, apple stickers and cute little bucket from Target, Milano cookie packs from Costco (yum!) and apple flavor lotion and sanitizer from bath and body works. 
gift card 
We made the gift cards cute, stuck it all in a cello bag with tissue paper and ribbon and called it good. 
It made me happy. And the teachers seemed to like them okay too. It’s always nice to start the year out on the right foot. 🙂
Apple themed gift bucket 
Do you keep 50 cello bags, a tub of tissue paper and a tub full of ribbon (to match anything) on hand at all times for last minute gift preparation? Just me?