It’s always fun to see what other moms are using to make life with littles ones easier.
Since is Elizabeth is expecting #3 (another boy!) in a bit, 
{isn’t she cute?!?}

we thought it would be fun to share our top ten baby items with you!

Elizabeth’s Favorites:

Diapees and Wipees diaper and wipes holder.  One of my friends gave me one of these for a shower gift with my second.  Anything that helps keep the diaper bag organized is a plus in my book! Also, it is great to throw in your purse or church bag when you’re past diaper bag stage, or to drop off with your toddler when a friend is babysitting for you.  

Diaper changing pads.  I bought these with my first and they are probably the most used baby item we own.  Instead of buying a changing table, we bought these and they are great to throw down on a bed or the floor for a diaper change. And when you are in the pukey/drooly/blowout phases of infancy they are great to put down in the crib under the baby for bedtime. And of course they are machine wash/dry, which is necessary with baby items!

Temporal Artery Thermometer.  I’m pretty sure I went until my second baby was a year old before I finally got a reliable thermometer that I felt comfortable using.  Then I got this one. It’s super quick and easy to use, and from what I can tell works pretty well. It’s nice to be able to easily check and see if the reason that baby is cranky because of a fever!

Baby back seat mirror.  This is a favorite, for sure! When first-time moms ask about “must-have” baby items, this is always the first thing that comes to mind! I recall driving my first baby around when he was a couple of weeks old and he started screaming, and as a first time mom it made me really anxious! Then I looked in the little mirror and saw that his hat had fallen down over his eyes. I reached back and pulled it off, and all was well! Hooray for the baby mirror! And sometimes you just want to look at them, because they are so adorable, and it works for that, too! 🙂

Wristlet wallet.  Okay, this one might not seem like a baby item, but trust me, it’s one of my favorite tips! I will preface this by saying I am not a 2 bag kind of girl, if I can avoid it. I don’t want to carry a diaper bag AND a purse. In college I didn’t carry a backpack AND a purse. I just don’t want that much stuff to lug around and keep track of! So, when I had my first, I found a cute little writstlet at Kohl’s, that had all of the pockets for the usual wallet stuff, as well as a little extra space that could fit chapstick, phone and keys if I wanted.  Now almost 5 years later, I still do the same thing! I have a cute mustard colored Elle wristlet that I bought (on clearance!) at Kohl’s. It’s pretty great, because it’s very versatile and cute! It fits all of my cards and such, cash, checkbook, business cards for my shop, keys, phone, and chapstick without breaking a sweat. But the best part about using a writstlet/clutch instead of a normal wallet is that it can easily be tossed into a diaper bag or purse (with a diaper and wipes) when going out with the kids, or you can grab it take it solo if you luck out enough to take a trip to the grocery store without kids! And if you’ve got a girls’ night to go to, well then you can decide if you want to use it on its own, or accessorize with a different purse, and just drop it in like you would any other wallet! 

Caroline’s Favorites:

This stuff is *the best* diaper cream EVER.  If your baby has sensitive skin, this is a must.  It is not cheap.  But soooo worth it.  You put this stuff on and overnight rashy irritate skin will heal.  The really cool thing about this stuff is if your baby has burned up bottom, it is very soothing when you put it on. Baby stops crying during the diaper change, because it gives immediate relief.

I have tried every brand of nursing pad, even done the washable ones.  These are the easiest to use (because their sticky tabs hold them in place) and most discreet (no leaking through clothes!).

This thing sounds gross but when my two year old got RSV at age three weeks and was in the hospital (twice for a week each time), I was totally willing to do anything to get her healthy.  The respiratory therapist at the hospital told us to throw out the blue bulbs and get one of these. Use with saline drops to keep those passages clear and keep baby out of the hospital. Similar to a NoseFrida later recommended by another pediatrician but you don’t need to buy filters for the baby comfy nose.

I first heard of these from friends in Georgia, but wasn’t convinced I needed one until I saw a lady using hers this way at the airport:

It was very bright outside 😉

It folds up fairly easily and compactly and we take it everywhere!  You can find these at consignment stores for a better deal.  I got mine at a rummage sale for $20!

I tried several brands that didn’t work for me, and finally got one of these as a gift with baby #4.  Now I have two (one for the house, one for the car) and made cute covers (super easy, use this tutorial) for them because they are faded from SO much use.  I couldn’t get anything done the first year without them keeping my hands free.  And baby still feels snuggles and happy!  Make sure to adjust the back straps crosspiece down to the middle of your back for best comfort.

Here is mine in action at Disney World!

What are your baby favorites?

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