When I saw this tutorial for a bow tie bib, I thought they were adorable. I knew it would be perfect for the baby’s Easter outfit. I love to make everybody (my kids) match at Easter and Christmas. They are used to it by now, so don’t complain too much. 🙂 And the girls wore their gold shoes.

Everybody loves the mustache peep. (Pacifiers are called “peeps” at our house. I’m not sure why, but so it has always been and ever will be. 😉 No “pacies” around here.)

I am a major procrastinator. Since we didn’t have regular church on Easter Sunday because of general conference, and you know I didn’t get it done ahead of time, I did it Sunday morning. Before church. While my poor Mom finished my oldest a daughter’s dress because I didn’t finish that either. As long as you are smarter than the snaps (I wasn’t) this is a quick and easy project. I used a bib I already had, that fit well, as a pattern. I sewed the button placket shut on the boy’s white Sunday shirt I used. Then I cut out the bib shape from the shirt and another one from an old, soft, hand towel. I sewed rights sides together, flipped, pressed and sewed the opening shut while I did a seam around the whole thing. I had a little trouble with the snaps, because I’m an airhead. I was using my crop-o-dile to attach them and kept using the wrong side, smashing the snap flat. I get a little ditzy when I’m in a hurry. 😉
I used this tutorial to make a bow tie because I needed something fast and removable. I didn’t like the look of the sewn on tie for church. You can see in the picture above where I attached it with a safety pin. 
He looked pretty dapper. But he was hungry and tired after church when I finally snapped a picture. 
Let’s face it, we all were. 😉
Do you get things done in advance 
or put it off until the last possible second?
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