Want an easy project that’s way cute for Christmas? It’s so easy and mindless, but it does take a while if you sew all those buttons on.  And I had to.  Because I have double trouble living in my house.  A two year old and a 15 month old that can tear down the house faster than you can blink.  
So either way, super simple project, and I LOVED the result!
I’ve told you before my family likes to do crafts when we get together.  Last year at Thanksgiving my mom brought this one for us to do:
 Cut some red felt, or whatever color makes your skirt fly up, to whatever size pillow you plan to make. Remember to leave a seam allowance for when you sew it together.  Place your assorted white buttons on the felt and get them on a design you like.  The great thing here is that it can be as simple or as complex as you like! 
Simply glue (with tacky glue) your buttons on your felt. glue around the edges and not the button hole if you will be sewing the buttons.

 If you are just glueing, you are almost done!  If not, sew each button on.

Then put right sides together, sew around the outside edges leaving room for your insert.  Flip right side out, stuff, hand stitch the hole.  
Or for even better storage, make an envelope back like I did and enjoy the cuteness. 

What fun Christmas crafts do you have planned? 
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