Another month is gone already?!?  This year is flying by!  It finally warmed up here.  I can’t believe how cool it has been.  We’re normally sweating by now.  Not that I’m complaining!  
So, here we go:
Going to church
 Shoes: thrifted, sweater: thrifted, dress, kohls last year, bracelet: made by me.
 sweater: target, shirt: shade, jeans: older than dirt (originally target I think).
So hard to take pictures with a sqirmy baby in tow!  Grocery shopping
 headband: dollar tree, earrings: high wire shop, sweater: thifted, shirt: shade, jeans: target, shoes: thrifted
Close up of bracelets from above
silver kid birthstone bracelet: the high wire shop, turquoise bracelet: gift from my Mom, made by Elizabeth.
Regular Day
Headband: dollar tree, sweater: target, shirt: shade, jeans: target
Okay, so I totally didn’t realize how often I was wearing the same shirt and jeans last month.  Oops!
Doctor Appointment
shirt: thrifted, capris: gift from Hubs, shoes: thrifted, jewelry: twinkle world
Do you ever get in a clothes rut, 
wearing the same thing over and over like me?

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