My family knows I love cute shoes.  When we had carpet installed, the guy who did it made some comment about the number of pairs I had in the closet.  Honestly, I didn’t think I had that many- I’d gotten rid of a bunch. He should have seen my closet before 🙂  But I do often pick my shoes first, and then made my outfit go with it. **Did you know it’s really hard to take a picture of your own feet? 😉

Here is an example of that shoe-inspiration in action for a girl’s night: shirt (hand-me-down), belt (thrifted, 10 cents!), jeans (thrifted $14, new-to-me hollister), shoes (garage sale $1), bracelets (Target  dollar spot clearance, 50 cents for both).
Out shopping on a cool, spring day: sweater (Target), shirt (DownEast Basics), jeans (thrifted), shoes (thrifted), headband (dollar tree), earrings ($1 Twinkle World).

Not liking this one so much- you win some, you lose some: shirt (thrifted), jeans (polka dot from Target), necklace & bracelet ($1 each Twinkle World), shoes (thrifted).

Cleaning at home, boring I know: shirt (Shade), capris (thrifted).
Shopping navy and yellow: sweater (so old I don’t remember), tank (yellow and white stripe from Shade), shorts (thrifted, I need to fix the hem cause they hit me in the wrong spot), shoes (Payless), earrings ($1 Twinkle World)
Out shopping again: shirt (thrifted), cami (DownEast Basics), shorts (thrifted), shoes (thrifted), bracelet & earrings (gift from Elizabeth), headband (Dollar Tree)

Cute baby who wanted her picture too: made by me 🙂

Close(er) up of cute earrings made by Elizabeth.
keeping phone away from grabby baby.
I seriously need to remember to let the 10 year old take the pictures.  Sorry about the stinky iphone pics 🙂  I’ll try to do better this month!
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