So, September was a month of crazy busyness at our house.  Between hub’s work, church and school, I wanted to pull my hair out multiple times.  I remembered to take pictures twice.  Sorry y’all.  Tomorrow is another, (hopefully) slightly less hectic, day.  But maybe not.  It’s the last chunk of the year. Crazy busy times ahead.  So anyway, here we go:
Out shopping. Notice the silver toenail polish.  Courtesy of the four year old. 🙂
Shirt: delia’s, thrifted $3; jeans: american eagle, thrifted $6; headband: stolen from my 8 year old; earrings: twinkleworld $1.

Close up of the earrings.  No more ipad selfie pics in the afternoon.  I. know. it’s. bad.  It’s so grainy I look like a leper (promise I’m not) but I wanted to show you the earring cause I thought you might like them.  They are my new favorites.

Doctor appointments.  Boring and slightly chilly in waiting rooms.
Sweater: target (where else?), $15; shirt: downeast basics, thrifted $3; jeans: forever twenty one, thrifted $8; shoes: payless, $10; headband: twinkle world, $1; earrings: twinkle world, $1; bracelet: garage sale, $2. 

Close up of the earrings.  They are so fun.  I love the sparkles.  It makes me feel like Fancy Nancy.
And yes I will try to remember to buff my nails and put on lotion before I post my hands again.  If your burned out eyes ever recover from this post well enough to see them again. 🙂

Garage sale bracelet.  Again, I am like my two year old and went for the bling.  Wonder where she gets that from? 😉
What are your favorite jewelry pieces?  Do you have ant go-to jewelry or do you shake it up everyday?

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