For starters, if you haven’t seen it already, check out my new do.  I got it done at Thanksgiving, so it already needs a trim.  But it fabulous and quick to do.  Love it!

So, I am a major list maker.  And since I decided to dive back into the blog (once a week or so folks, don’t get too excited, I do have seven ankle biters :)), I have made a general list to get me through the year so I don’t run out of ideas and find other things to do because I’m a lazy busy person.  Hopefully I can keep up, and don’t get whigged out with self esteem issues (NOBODY is looking here anyway, right?).  I apologize in advance for the cruddy pictures.  I’m having iphoto issues with my macbook, so iphone pictures will have to do until I work it out, sorry!

In no paticular order, my personal goals for this year:

my weekly organization sheet

Stay organized so that I take ME time.  I do great for a while.  Then things go crazy with too much to do and not enough time with kids and church.  I need to actually schedule things I NEED done for my sanity.  Like reading for book club.  Or sewing throw pillow covers.  Or painting the bathroom.  I need to make those things higher priority so I don’t sit on the computer a veg out and then feel guilty that I wasted my time and still haven’t got the things I want done.

Study the scriptures more and better.  Sometimes I feel like I have been so busy taking care of my family, that I have let myself not make studying as high a priority.  I read, but I feel like I’m not receiving as much light as I could if I would write things down and ponder a little more.  That makes me calmer with my kids, kinder to others and just happier in general.  No downsides here, I just need to schedule the time and DO IT.

6 weeks post baby    &     5 months post baby (getting there!)

Take care of myself physically.  Eating healthy, exercising daily, drinking enough, sleeping (a big problem for me).  I’ve had eight kids in less than twelve years.  My body has seen some abuse and I need to take better care of it.

So that’s it.  Obviously, it’s all about me this year.  But I am starting to see that if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take very good care of my family.  And that’s my job.  And I want to do well at it.  So wish me good luck, we’ll see if I can handle all these balls I have in the air!