As you can see, my silhouette has done a little changing the past few months and I am sporting a whole new wardrobe because of it. I am in due in July, so I’m just a little over halfway through.

Here is what I’m looking like now: (the boxes behind me were destined for goodwill, I’ve been cleaning out like crazy.  Where did all this stuff come from?)
Sunday for church: dress (target $20), sweater (target $15), belt (Walmart $0.50 clearance!), not pictured are the navy heels I took off as soon as I walked back in the door (nautralizer via goodwill $6).
February: In the new much larger mirror I got for my birthday,

Doctor appointment: shirt (shade, clearance before they busted again $5), jeans (old navy $30), necklace (charming charlie’s $1 clearance), shoes (rocket dog via dsw, birthday gift).
January, December, and most of November:

I get really sick during the first few months of pregnancy. I was doing good to be dressed at all. 😉

I’m feeling much better now and am only have a few months to go before we have a little boy after three girls in a row.  Now, we just have to figure out a name.  My four year old told me this week “Mom, we can’t call him Baby Olaf forever.” Frozen is big at our house.  But not that big. 😉

Got any great boy names to share?

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