I have wanted a chalkboard photo prop for ages! Quick and cute for texting birthday cheers, and easy labeled pics for holidays and occasions, what’s not to like?
Some days there is just no light to be had for pictures.  I was *this* close to buying an ott light on sale the other day.  I’m just too thrifty for my own good!
Here’s what you’ll need:  A piece of thin wood (I used a scrap of 1/4 inch ply), black craft paint, nice wide paint brush, baggie to put your brush in between coats, paper to draw you design on, pencil, chalk, and a wet rag for erasing.
Step 1: Paint your board!  Seriously, chalkboard paint is not necessary.  If your board starts to look too icky, just slap on another coat of paint.
If you’re lazy like me, you just pour your paint on the board.  But you have to work fast.  If your paint starts to dry it will leave funny marks on your board.  Not like I’ve done that before *cough.*  Don’t forget to flip it and paint the backside.  Then you can write two different things on it for your photo shoot.  Let your board dry overnight.  The paint needs to cure a little before you start wiping it down.
Draw your design on a piece of paper.  Don’t skip this step (unless you’re me and sometimes you get in a hurry and have to erase your board 5 times!), because some of us can’t spell when we are distracted.  See above 😉  Trust me, it’s actually faster to draw it out on paper first.  
That’s better!  
Why yes, I do have two ugly brass chandeliers (and a bag of wheat) on my kitchen counter.  The pie tins are holding the parts I removed for painting.  Sometimes I have to put things in my way so that I’ll take care of them.  It will drive me crazy until I just do the project.  I am happy to tell you they are in the garage, primed.  It rained poured cats and dogs Saturday, so my chandies (caught in the rain of course) have to dry out completely before I finish them.  
Now let’s draw!  Wet down your chalk, and pat it dry.  That is the trick that gives you those awesome dark white letters.  Use the edge of your chalk to get a thinner line.  Start from the center of your design and work out to get things evenly spaced.  Enjoy your art!  Want a different design?  Wipe with a damp rag and do it again!
Birthday greetings for Grandpa!
This little boy only has a few months left before he starts school.  I’m bummed, he’s very excited.
What occasions would you use your chalkboard for?
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