Have you seen Disney’s new Cinderella movie? If you have been living under a rock, click on the link and go watch the trailer.  I’ll wait…
 We got to go our four little girls (thanks Grandma!) and they loved it. I grew up loving Cinderella and my five year old still loves her almost as much as Elsa, and that’s saying something.  It was beautiful visually and definitely had that disney *magic.*
I especially liked how the theme of “have courage and be kind” was repeated through the movie.  We all have hard things happen to us at some point or another.  It is always better “forget yourself and go to work.”  Especially when things are hard.  Doing the (needed) things that scare me and being nicer to everyone are my two big personal goals for this year!  To help me remember, I made an iPhone wallpaper for my lock screen. (For reference, I have an iPhone 6). I wanted to share it just in case any of you wanted a reminder too. Enjoy!
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