Want to shine up your stainless steel appliances so they look like new, but you’re out of the fancy stainless cleaner from the store (or were to cheap to buy it in the first place)?  I might have seen the price at the store and gagged a little and put it back. A whole bottle of cleaner just for cleaning the fronts of the appliances?  I think not. I do not want to spend the three dollars or give up valuable cabinet real estate to store it. So, my appliances looked dingy and dirty, sporting streaky  water spots that won’t go away. Then while doing dishes that night I had an epiphany. 
Every time I think I have a great idea, Pinterest lets me know that someone else has already been there, done that. But I decided to share anyway, on the off chance that someone else doesn’t want to pay for another overpriced bottle of cleaner. And hasn’t already seen it on Pinterest. 😉
Here it is: I can clean my appliances just like my stainless steel sink. Without buying anything extra. After I do dishes, I clean out the sink and then shine it, fly lady style, with oil. I used orange glo this time because I had that to clean my wood furniture. Clean off your appliance (if it’s really dirty like mine) with soap and water. Then just spray a little on a tea towel or other soft cloth and wipe down that fridge. Goodbye water streaks and finger prints!  You could also use mineral oil, or even baby oil. Even olive oil would work on a pinch. Enjoy your shiny appliances!
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