Over spring break I bought new fabric for my back porch outdoor pillows. I kind of love the crisp white, dark blue and happy yellow. I never manage to put the pillows away during the winter, so they are tired and sad (faded). This should perk them right up!

Does this happen to you too?  Every time I lay fabric out on the floor to cut it, the little people descend and sit on it, or move it. What is the fascination with sitting on my new fabric?  Silly kids. 🙂
I finally finished the great clothes change out for spring/summer. I finished the girls over the weekend. Today I tackled the boys. It took most of the afternoon, but now everyone has weather appropriate clothing, and I have four big boxes of cast offs. Yeah! Now I just have to decide if it’s worth it to let my kids have the yard sale they’ve been begging for or just drop everything off a goodwill like we normally do. 
Wow those shelves look yellow. I really need to paint them white. I don’t know why we went with cream.  Blech. And clear out all the junk stashed on top of the shelves. And on my desk. I’m drowning in the junk people. But I love my new silk rug in here. My husband bought it for me in India (a year ago) and it’s the softest thing ever. My kids love to lay on it. I had it rolled up and put away so it wouldn’t get messed up by messy kids. But I realized it would be so pretty in there, and it was wasting it not to use it.  So out it came, and I love it. 
I do think that I am going to put different curtains in the playroom (above). I want to put the stripes in the office/guest room. I don’t know if I’ll get it done before my mom comes for the Time Out for Women this weekend. It’s going to be so fun! I’ve got so much to do before then, but I need those kinds of deadlines to get things done. 😉
Do you work better with a self inflicted deadline? 
(Because you’re a procrastinator like me?)
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