I love good, cheap costume jewelry. I love to have something that makes me feel pretty but doesn’t break my heart when my kids break it. And let’s face it, with small children, breakage happens often. 
In an effort to be a better mommy (by having cute but cheap enough to not cry when they break it jewelry), I bought this cute necklace for $1 at Twinkle World. But it was the wrong color. I don’t really have anything mint (note to self: you need something mint!), what I needed was more of a pale turquoise color.  So I whipped out my nail polish and got to work. 

I have used this trick many times before to fix cheap jewelry. You wouldn’t want to do this to a family heirloom. Think of it just like spray painting that goodwill find. 
Be careful not to paint on anything you don’t want the color changed on. Using polish remover will likely ruin any finish on your costume jewelry, so paint carefully. You can use a little vaseline rubbed on the parts you don’t want painted, but you have to be careful with that too, the paint will not stick anywhere you put it. 

Let your finish cure for a while (just like your nails) to keep the paint from scratching off. 
Enjoy your updated jewelry!

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