I love a good holiday wreath on my door.  Sometimes my harebrained ideas don’t work out when I’m crafting.  But this time it did!  I have wanted to try making a deco mesh wreath for a while. I saw this green and white stripe on clearance for 50 cents after Christmas.  I immediately thought at Patrick’s day wreath.  I honestly debated getting it because I’ve been trying really hard to clean out and clean up my house this year.  But I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t at least try it.  So I brought it home and it sat on the kitchen counter for a month.  Clearly, the old tactic of leaving it out so it would drive me crazy wasn’t enough.  I really needed a deadline to force me to get my rear in gear.  Luckily, (hah!) I was going to teach preschool and needed a wreath on my door since I had taken down valentines the week before.  I used a wire hanger and some thick wire to make a wreath form and just wove the deco mesh in and out of the holes in the wire.  It was just the right amount.  I didn’t even cut it.  I stuck the little do das in the wreath with green pipe cleaners and glued on skewers.  They were hanging out in my holidays box from hobby lobby clearance of years past.  I have to admit, I kind of love it!

Do you need a deadline (people coming over) to force you to finish scary or intimidating projects?  

Do you like a wreath I your door all the time, and do you change it out for holidays?

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