So, in case you were wondering, this lamp is not on. Seriously looks like it though.  24 hours a day.
I was really disappointed at just how bright this shade is.  I wanted it to be pretty, not neon.
This lamp at target was my inspiration.  It was over $50 for the base and the shade.  I thought the yellow would be so pretty in my revamped living room.
Here is where I started: an old lamp and a $2 goodwill shade.
Throw on some yellow paint and some white ribbon and it will be just like the shade from Target.  Right?
It was great in theory, but the bright yellow is just not great with my greenish gray living room walls.  Any body have any great ideas how to brighten up this lamp without making it glow when off? 🙂
I thought about painting the shade back to white, or maybe even seeing if it wasn’t as bad with stripes instead of solid yellow.  I know for sure want to paint the base, but feel like there is already a lot of navy and turquoise in this room.  Should I paint it red or white?
In other news I FINALLY got a new rug for our family room.  I know the light is horrible above, but this navy and cream chevron is an outdoor rug ( so very durable for 8 kids) but very soft too.  And cheaper than any I looked at online, so I bought the floor model that was the only one left. 
 I kind of love it so far.
Have you ever thought something would look great and it turned out to be a total decor fail?
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