I wanted my kids to have a blast at Disney World.  I knew there would be a lot of stuff they would want to buy.  I saw sooo much Disney stuff for cheap at the dollar store and other places before we left, that I knew I would be better off giving my kids a Disney “surprise” each day so they would feel like they got something, and wouldn’t feel like the needed to buy some expensive toy from the parks everyday.  I did not tell them they were getting something each day, so it was really fun and unexpected for them.  I also saved the bigger stuff for the end, when they would start to expect something.  It worked out great!
Day 1 Epcot

I knew I wanted my kids to have parental info on them at all times in case they got lost, because I like to be prepared, So I made these lanyards with their name and their character of choice on one side and our names and phone numbers and home address on the back.  I got the lanyards at twinkle world for $1 each, printed up the papers on card stock, slid them into the plastic sleeves and they were good to go.  These were also great for the big kids to keep their cards in (key to the world, game stuff, and fast passes).

Then I found out about pinning.  And no, I  don’t mean Pinterest.  My fifth grader told his friends he was going to Disney World and one his friends showed him a fabulous pin filled lanyard.  So, of course he wanted one too.  I bought each kid one pin, and so did Grandma and the rest they had to get themselves.  He had big fun picking out pins and trading.

Day 2 Hollywood Studios

 We were WORN OUT from the long day before so the kids just got a little treat this morning.  Little character tins filled with peanut butter m&m’s.  These little boxes were with the Easter display at Target.  I figured my boys (who LOVE star wars) would appreciate these on the day they saw the star wars stuff at the park.  I was a little afraid they would be bummed that it was small.  They were surprisingly happy with these.  🙂

Day 3 Magic Kingdom

 I collected different Disney (and just fun) stuff from twinkle world, dollar tree, and the thrift stores.  Each kid got a couple of things I thought they would enjoy.  They were thrilled!  My three year old was actually mad at me that I wouldn’t let her wear her Ariel light up sparkle shoes to the park.  They were heels. 😉

Day 4 Magic Kingdom (final day in parks)

My kids love to write and draw, so I picked up the chalkboards at dollar tree, and the journal sets were from Wal-mart, the day after Valentine’s on clearance.  It was fun entertainment for the LONG trip home the next day.     

I also loved the ideas for souvenirs at couponing to disney.

Several of my kids didn’t even use their fun money to buy souvenirs because they said they already had what they wanted.  Only one of my kids (the three year old) wanted to buy everything in sight.  The rest bought one thing they really wanted and had thought about before they made their purchase.  I spent very little on their prizes and it kept them from spending a lot in the park stores.  A few of the things I got were actually sold at the park, for MUCH more than I paid for them.   It was a win/win all the way around!  I would definitely do it again.

Do you have a favorite souvenir from a Disney vacation?


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