Sewing a tulle skirt is not a new idea. It’s something I have wanted to try and was to chicken because it looked fancy.  I saw this tutorial in January, bought the material in March and put it together in July. We’re just cranking out the crafts here people. 😉

diy tulle skirt

I used this tutorial, because of all the ones I looked it, the math for the measurements was the easiest for me to understand.  I was going for CHEAP on this project (capitol letters intended) because I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t turn out, and I didn’t want to waste a bunch of money on what more or less could look like a ballet tutu for a grown woman. Hah!

I bought my 6 yards of tulle (88 cents a yard), and a vintage slip at the salvation army for $1.50.  Then I wouldn’t have to sew the seam for the underskirt or look for the right fabric and spend a bunch of money on it.  Deciding on fabric is hard for me. Because I’m indecisive, unless they have exactly what I want, which is almost never. The elastic waistband was leftover from another outfit. And that was it. I followed Janssen’s directions for cutting out the tulle and then started pinning.

diy tulle skirt  
You can see the skirt with the tulle pinned to the elastic.  I was too lazy to baste the layers together. This is why my sewing frequently goes so well. 😉 I had a little trouble with the tulle slipping as I sewed, so my advice is this: use more pins if you don’t baste! I sewed the tulle elastic and slip together. Then I trimmed the bottom up to make it even and the slip because it was hanging too long.  Then I put it on. The little girls at church LOVED it.  I don’t think I’ve ever had so many compliments.
tulle skirt diy

Now all I need is to find my ballet slippers.

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