Last year, for my daughter’s 15th birthday party, we decided to get crafty.  I asked Mandy for ideas for what craft we ought to do, and she directed me to this blog:  Southern Belle Soul Mountain Bride Heart.

The deal was this:  I needed a craft I could do with 12 teenage girls around my kitchen table.  It needed to be doable for crafters of all skill levels and it needed to be fun and look great, while letting the girls stretch their own creative muscles.  And most importantly, the project start to finish needed to fit within the party’s time frame (3 hours) while still giving the girls time for cake and ice cream and to hang out and goof around.

I followed the directions on the blog and came up with an example to show the girls (pictured above).  Instead of collaging magazine pages onto the canvas (as shown in the instructions on the blog linked above), I set out my ridiculous pile of scrapbook paper scraps and encouraged the girls to go for it.  I don’t have any pictures of the girls crafting because I was hopping from teen to teen to help out, but they all had a great time and each of their projects turned out cool and unique.

Here’s the birthday girl’s canvas quote:

Yep.  She’s a big fan of “Up.”  She’s also a big fan of rough edges, so she left the edges of her papers torn, rather than wrapping them around the canvas or trimming them flush to the edge.

Here’s her sister’s:

“Let it Shine” was the name of her marching band show last fall and she wanted to commemorate it.  She chose to leave the black letters on the canvas, rather than use them as a mask.  I loved how different it came out–very “Mexican Catina!” 

If you’d like to do this project, the instructions are on the blog linked above.  It’s important to use the letters she shows in the instructions–other vinyl letters stick to the papers and tear up the final result.  I found them at Walmart.  Because they are re-positionable, with care you can use them for more than one project.

And now, I promised you a bargain!  When I did this project I bought 11×14 canvas packs for $19 at a craft store.  There were 7 canvases in each pack.  That was the best deal I could find at the time. 

Recently, however, I was shopping for school supplies at my local Walmart and they had stacks of stretched canvases of differing sizes for $9.97 a pack.  11×14 canvases came in packages of 6, while 8.5×11 packages had 11 in each and 16×20 packages had 3.

There are all kinds of canvas crafts out there in the blogosphere, so if you’d like to try this one or if you have another in mind, check out your local Walmart before the school supplies have left the building and happy crafting!

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