In my quest to outfit the shelves in my front entry for each holiday,  I saw these at Target:

Be still my holiday decorating heart.  It was perfect for Easter, but at $20 a piece (remember I needed two), more than I was willing to spend on holiday decor.

So when I saw these at the dollar store a week later, I thought that it was meant to be.  I gathered a few more supplies and planned to make them the day I got back from our spring break vacation. Yeah right.
So, here they are.  Less than a week before Easter, I finally finished them:
I started the same way I did my diy topiaries.  Foam on a skewer, anchored in rolled up walmart bags.  I cut off the top of the skewer with my floral wire snips.
I glued on the eggs.  This is when I wanted shoot myself for not just buying the dumb things at Target.    They looked like garbage, and my fingers were burnt because for whatever reason the glue wasn’t cooling very quickly.  Did I mention it was past midnight at this point?  At the same time, I was making bread, and it just wouldn’t rise. Like took two and a half hours (normally it takes a half hour).  Ugh!
I stuffed spanish moss in the cracks.  Immediately, it started looking better.  I didn’t even glue the cracks, just around the bottom.  Maybe this thing is salvageable….
Not too bad, but it’s missing something.  
Oh, why yes, that is a diaper box on my counter!  I’m trying to get organized and de-clutter my overflowing house 🙂
Awesome stuff from Hobby Lobby!

Not exactly the same, but at $5 a piece (instead of $20!),  I’ll take it. 
Here they are in action.  Oh how I would like to paint my ugly, dark, brown walls.  I just need to finish my other big projects, then I’m allowed 🙂

Do you have designer ADHD and want to switch to a new project before you’ve finished the last?

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