I told you when I did my Easter wreath last year that I’ve been craving simpler things in my life. When I saw this egg wreath at Target on sale 75% off, which meant $5, I had to have it.  I loved the bright happy colors! I got it home and was worried that the wreath was a little on the small side, but figured I would do something to make it work 
When I got it out to put it up, I decided it was indeed to small. So I thought would layer it on top of a wispy grapevine wreath I already had, but they didn’t fit together very well. So I got out some ribbon and tied it on take up son visual space on the door and it worked wonderfully!
I tied a loop to the top so it would hang in the right spot on the door. Perfect! Then I hung one from the bottom too and tied it in a big bow with the aid of a twist to hold it in place.  I hung it on the door and called I good. 
I have to tell you – I just love the yellow chevron ribbon. Especially because it was free, with a bag of cute fabric I bought in a bag at goodwill. Score. Getting a good deal and making it work for you is the best of both worlds. 
Do you have a favorite Easter wreath for your house?
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