I love watching Easter egg hunts. Not so much stuffing eggs with treats or hiding the eggs but watching the joy in *most* of my children’s faces, (Fifteen year old boys are sometimes incapable of enjoying family fun. 😉) as they search for the treats that even the smallest ones quickly figure out are inside those eggs. 
(My baby is just big enough to think it was so much fun. When did he get so big?!?)
I have always loved birds and nests. Watching those mama birds take care of their eggs and then their babies is such an example to me of how I should be nurturing those around me. Their self sacrifice reminds me to “forget myself, and go to work.”
My mom and I made these nests from jasmine vines in her yard and painted eggs for Easter. I hope that those eggs and the treat filled ones I’ll be finding around my house this weekend (and keep finding parts of everywhere in the next few weeks, am I right?) will help me remember that in serving others I’m showing gratitude to the Savior. So happy Easter, because He lives!
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