Do you love grape or cherry tomatos in your salad or pasta, but really dislike the time it takes to cut them in half?  I will leave them out rather than take the 5 to 10 minutes it takes to chop them. The smaller pieces are necessary for the people with small mouthes in our house to not choke. When I saw this tip, I decided to try it out.
Put your clean tomatos on a fairly flat plate. Curved ones won’t work for this. 
Place another plate on top. Take a long knife and put it in between the two plates. We’re slicing those tomatoes now, baby! Run your knife (slicing the tomatoes as you go) around the plate. 

Voila! You cut your tomatoes in nothing flat. And you didn’t cut yourself when the baby tried to climb your leg. Beauty Clark! (Ten points if you can name that movie ;)).