I love to celebrate Halloween.  Probably because of the dressing up.  I’ve always been a sucker for a costume. 😉  About 5 years ago I finally convinced my poor husband that we would a dress up together as a family, meaning that I handed him his costume and told him to put it on.  He was a good sport and our kids have loved it ever since.  
If you are looking for some fun ideas that you can do with a few people or more, you are in the right place!  It takes a little planning, but it’s been so much fun for our family that’s we’ve done it every year since!  Here is our game plan for a successful family theme:  
1.  We choose our theme for the next year on halloween night while kids are going eat their candy. 
2. Everyone chooses their character and gives me whatever specific ideas they have for their costumes.
3.  I go shopping bright and early (actually dark and early, usually) and buy whatever I can find that goes along with our theme for 50% off.
4.  I make a plan for whatever else we need.  I have a list of things to keep an eye out for when thrifting or going to garage sales.  Then I put it all the stuff I have in a box and sit on it until the next school year starts.  In September, I try to pull everything together and finalize fittings.  Some sewing usually happens.  I also plan my trunk decorations for the trunk or treat at church in August-September.
5.  Wear all your costumes and enjoy the cuteness!
Star Wars
I purchased the little boys costumes (Annikin, Bobba Fett, and Darth Vader) at walmart 50% off the day after.  Mine and hubs costumes (Princess Leia and Obi Wan) I got off craigslist for $10 for both.  I made both the little girls costumes (Ahsoka Tano and Yoda).  It was near torture to sew the Ahsoka costume.  The yoda hat was pretty easy. though

Scooby Doo
 Hubs was Shaggy.  His wig was from the day after sales, and his clothes were thrifted.  Scooby Doo, Daphne, the bat and our friendly ghost’s costumes were from the day after at Target.  I was Velma.  I found the sweater at Costco.  I bought it two sizes large since I had a bun in the oven.  Fred was an easy costume.  Just a white polo with a red knit tie.
Joker was a hard costume to put together.  Have you ever tried to find purple men’s pants or a purple coat at the thrift store?  IT took until September to find them, looking ALL year.  I sewed the vest for our first year dressing up as vampires and witches, and the tie is just some 2″ ribbon.  The green wig was the Shaggy wig from last year sprayed with green hairspray.  Mr Freeze was also difficult.  But catwoman, batman, and bat girl where a breeze the day after.  Robin was a thrift store find.  So was my poison Ivy dress.  The wig was Daphne’s recycled.  And I sewed the whole baby Harley Quinn costume.  It wasn’t too bad since it was little.
Harry Potter
I bought all the gryffindor robes (day after) and ties (amazon) for Harry, Ron and Hermoine.  The boys wore their sunday shirts and black suit pants with their robes.  Hermoine I had to sew a grey skirt and she borrowed a dress shirt for the boys. Harry and Ron’s hair was sprayed with colored hairspray from the day after. Luna Lovegood’s wig was also from the day after sale.  The Ravenclaw tie was just a blue stripe one we already had and her robes were on of my black blouses with a Ravenclaw patch pinned to the front.  I thrifted her grey skirt.  The hedwig costume was from years before when the two big boys did Harry Potter.  The Norberta costume I bought on ebay.  Hagrid’s clothes were thrifted and stuffed with pillows.  I ordered the wig on Amazon.  I also ordered my McGonagall hat.  I wore glasses, a pin and skirt I already had.  I thrifted my turtleneck and the green robes used to be a dress that I got from my mom’s goodwill box.  The dementor costume was just a scary guy costume from the day after sale.  I ordered the hands from Amazon.
This year we are all super heros.  Hubby did NoT want to wear another wig this year, lol!  After trick or treating we’ll pick out theme for next year and then I’ll start the process all over again!  
I’m off to sew more accessories for Wonder Woman since she trashed them at the trunk or treat last week.  It’s always something! 😉
What last minute Halloween projects are you working on? Or are you all done and ready to party?
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