My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to keep the old weathered fence boards when he re-did a chunk of the fence around our backyard.  Well, they sat in the garage for a couple of years, until he couldn’t stand it anymore and told me to use them or lose them.  Sometimes I need a little motivation.  And he needs a clean garage.

So, when Elizabeth and our mom came to visit last year, they helped me put this baby together for my back porch makeover, that we just finally finished this year.  I’m slow y’all.

So, first off you can see we did this project at night.  Painting with all those little kids around didn’t seem like such a hot idea, so we waited until after bedtime.  Sorry it’s dark.

We lined up the boards and had hubby cut them to the length I wanted.

We screwed some scrap wood onto the back to hold them together.  One screw in each fence board.  And then again on the other side.

We printed out the words and placed them on the board.  In hind sight, I would have made all the words bigger.  You can kind of see the scrolly star on there, he got a makeover too.

Holey moley, look at all my hair!  It’s gone now. 🙂

We used graphite paper to trace all the letters on.

Then we simply filled in with paint.  I put sawtooth hangers on the back of the sign and hung it on these cool brick hangers on my porch.

I liked it so much, I’ve had to restrain myself from stopping to pick up piles of old fence posts when I drive down the road.  Anybody else want to make a sign, lol? 😉

Now maybe if I can ever keep the toys back there put away for more than five minutes I’ll take pictures to show you the whole porch.  A girl can dream anyway!

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