It was a dark and stormy night when I wanted to take these pictures, so I waited until the next day. It rained all week. So you get, what you get. In this case, a moody back porch. I finally sewed these puppies up. No more ugly, faded browness.  I bought the material a month ago. That’s pretty quick for me since I have fabric cutting issues. 
Seriously. It’s a real thing. I know, because my sister has the same problem. That makes it real right? I mean, I know the cloth police aren’t coming to get me or anything, but the thought of cutting it wrong and ruining the fabric that I payed good money for, sometimes paralyzes me. Cutting fabric and making phone calls (don’t ask). 
The striped chalkboard frame came from my friend Jennifer.  It was raw wood.  I knew when she gave it to me that it would be perfect to do in stripes like the fun one at the handmade home.  Only yellow and white were what I wanted.  See the crappy picture below where I try not to show you the porch floor, yellow from pollen, that I was too lazy to sweep (again). Notice the small child staring out the window.  I only just noticed him in the picture.  I was focused when I was outside, and didn’t even see him.  😉 You might also want to know that outdoor clock is dead.  The Texas humidity killed it.  And it has not been high enough on the list (read: I’m NOT spending any time outside yet) for me to spend $40 on a new one.  Why are they so expensive anyway?
The rocking chair pillow has both fabrics because I only bought half a yard of each fabric, so I was a bit short.  But I figured I’d make it work. I even pulled out my fancy new iron and ironed the seams down on this one so it would sew nicely.  It actually was a pretty quick sew.  I did all of them in about half an hour.  That’s quick for me!

Do you have times where you get more stuff done? And no, that step stool still has some other kids name on it.  I’ll get to it eventually.

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