How many times has your child brought home pretty art projects from school and you think to yourself, “this is pretty,” and the thrown it in the trash?  I have five kids in school this year. That’s a lot of art. 😉

My fourth grader brought home a painting project the other day that I thought was really nice, and put it in the recycle bin, when I had a epiphany. I had been looking for a meaningful quote to put in a frame on a bookshelf in the family room. It needed to sit landscape instead of portrait and so it had been sitting empty for a couple of weeks while I searched. 

With my fourth grader’s help, we cut it to size and added the heart and some letters gluesticked right on top. It is a much needed message in our family right now. A teenage boy, and two tweens, need I say more? My daughter was thrilled to have her art featured in a family space, I got the message I wanted. Best of all it was free and only took five minutes.  

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