I love having a cute wreath on my door for every season and holiday.  Call it Decorater ADD, I like to change things up frequently.

I found a big wooden star for 99 cents at goodwill a while back, knowing I wanted to use it for my Independence Day wreath.  I added the lettering, a clearance after the holiday find several years ago. Then, a little hot glue on the back of a taget star and I was done.

But….it still looked too plain, so I added the red forsythia wreath behind it and tied it altogether with a patriotic bow.  Now, I like it!  And less than $10 altogether.  Can’t beat that!

Doesn’t my front door look like a giant hershey bar? 😉
Are you a wreath person, or is your front door empty, 
and you like it that way?
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