I thought it would fun to share a few of the things I’m enjoying right now, with you. In random order: 

Not too tart and great for a hot day, which is still the weather around here. #nofallinsouthtexas
Hurray for a snack that is healthy and doesn’t get stolen by hungry teenagers or toddlers! I bought mine in a big bag at Costco. I’d love to try some other flavors though. Chili lime sounds yummy. Make sure you have a drink to go with them. 🙂
If you have trouble drinking enough water because you live somewhere that the water tastes *ahem* gross, a little of these go a long way to making the water more palatable without tasting like kool aid. I add just enough for a hint of flavor. The pineapple coconut is my favorite but I have liked all of them that I’ve tried so far. 

Boot toppers and socks at Target 
I love these. It’s time for boot weather!  I couldn’t find these online, but look at all the cute ones in the store. Makes me wish it were cooler here. Will it never be fall in Texas?

Ledge in my entry
This is a favorite spot of mine. I see it every time I go up or down the stairs I my house. I really love that quote. It’s a reminder I need every day to stay on track. It’s been up there for a year now (which is saying something for me!) I’ll miss hearing Elder Scott at general conference next week. 
What are your current faves? What makes you happy?