So, while we were visiting Caroline, we went to a store called Homestead Handicrafts. It was one of those stores with aisles made up of little booths from individual sellers, full of a mixture of crafts and antiques, etc.
I saw this little cross-stitched sign and I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud.

What can I say, but “my sentiments exactly.”  My mom bought it (for $12, I think) because we just thought it was kind of hilarious. She thought it would be great to use in a little antique needlepoint gallery wall she’s been wanting to do in her hall, seen below. We loved that this “Housework is a bummer” sign looked genuinely old, even though it probably isn’t, since people didn’t used to say “bummer” way back when.

I think it’ll be the perfect touch of comic relief to a fun collage of needlepoint once she collects a few more little ones to add to the wall!