Twice a year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a conference for all it’s members (learn more here) and this Saturday and Sunday are it.  My kids are SO excited because we get to stay home for church and watch conference on the TV, and our family has a few conference traditions that they love.  This is one of those: general conference donuts.

Sunday morning I get out the refrigerated biscuits, put a hole in the with my fingers and fry them up in a pan of oil (similar to this recipe). Flip them to cook on the other side.

Then I dunk the freshly fried donuts in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar and the we eat.  Yum!
It makes a big mess with all that sugar everywhere, so I only make them twice a year.  But they are not hard to make at all and taste GREAT when they are still warm.
IF you are LDS, what conference traditions do you celebrate?
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