I really wanted a gold clock for the girls room. But I couldn’t find one that was big enough. And inexpensive. So I cheaped out and got a tiny one the last time we were at ikea. It was only two or three dollars.  But it was too small. So shopping at Walmart, and bought this nice big enough clock for $10. I took it apart the same day, spray painted the frame and put it up. That’s record time for me!
Of course now I need to fix the cross stitches that hang on either side. It never ends. I didn’t adjust the nail the clock was on, just hung it back up in the same place. They are too close to the bigger clock. I bought a frame while thrifting on Saturday to put around the smaller cross stitch. I just need to paint it. Maybe later this week.
A pulled back view of the room, lest you thought the room was clean. It’s the three year old’s turn to clean the room. Hence, the mess that has been here ALL month. 
I’m going now to hide in my room and eat some chocolate. And try not to twitch because my house is a disaster zone and I’m teaching preschool tomorrow. Baby steps to a clean house…😉 And hurray for gold clocks!
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