We are doing a big furniture switcheroo at our house. We finally got the bunks painted and hauled upstairs to the girl’s room this week. The three year old was ready to move from the crib/toddler bed, into a big girl bed. We took these wood bunks out of the boy’s room and got them new, taller ones from ikea on Labor Day weekend.  It took awhile to get them painted, but we finally did it. 

The girls were quite happy with the color of the beds. I was too. This room has east facing windows. It’s nice and bright in the mornings. 
This lamp is going to get a makeover soon. I’ll probably paint it the same as the beds and get a new white shade. It’s been the same for 10 years now. 
This window has me stumped. It faces the street, so privacy is a big concern. I haven’t been able to find a window treatment that these hooligan girls won’t tear up. And if I hang curtains, do I frost the windows for more privacy?
This old closet will be getting a clean coat of white. This bedroom is fairly large, but has a tiny closet for four girls to share. 
I also need to come up with a solution for these busted plastic under bed storage boxes. Any ideas?
Fabric for the new quilts for their new beds. I think I need one more aqua pattern. 
It’s nice to make progress, hopefully I can get the quilts done by Christmas!
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