Shortly before spring break, I was at Target picking up a prescription and doing some window shopping because they needed “five minutes” to finish up. 

You probably don’t remember when I was last working on the girl’s room  Because it’s been a while. Six months, in fact. I took a break when I started sewing Halloween costumes and never got back to it. The holidays killed my decorating mojo. But it’s finally coming back. Much to the hubby’s chagrin. 

Anyway, there were a ton of pretty gold lamps and I had an epiphany. A gold lamp was exactly what the girl’s room needed! I had already purchased the new white drum shade before the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) sew fest 2015 started.  So, like any good DIYer, all I needed was a little spray paint. I purused Pinterest and found this gold spray paint review. I put the paint on my shopping list. The next day was Saturday. I went out to the garage to get something and thought I might as well check my large box of spray paint to see if I had any gold. Not only did I have the gold, but the very one she recommends. I took that lamp outside, and gave it a couple of quick coats. And then I had a lovely gold lamp! Without spending another dime too!

To match my new gold curtain rod. Thank you for the 40% off coupon Hobby Lobby.  $18 for a large curtain rod is a steal. Hopefully, it will last more than a few days with Destructo Girl (the five year old). 

I hadn’t been able to find any great fabric for the top of the girl’s ginormous (but still too short) ikea lenda curtains in white. So we went shopping over spring break and finally found it:
 The heavens parted, and angels may have sung. It has aqua, pink, & green, to match the fabric I bought to make their quilts. Yeah!
So things are finally coming together. The oldest girl says all we need now is gold Eiffel Tower jewelry dish for the dresser. 😉 I guess I’ll get right on that. 
Do you like use gold in your decor?
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