I had a goal to start blogging again this month. It’s 11:45pm on the last day of the month. I’m a great procrastinator. I always have this fear of getting started. Is that even a thing?

Well, for me it is. So this year my over all goal is to have courage. Courage to start the things that scare me or make me nervous. Being brave doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m a BIG chicken about trying new things. Amazon prime has been great for me. Now I just order instead of having an excuse to build up in my Amazon cart for a month because I’m not brave enough to just order yet. What if I pick the wrong one, and waste money. Crazy person here? Just a little. But I’m working through it and being courageous this year!
I got a fun new calling at church. Primary music leader. I’ve never had any music related calling before, so it been an experience. I made these cards a few weeks ago and laminated them. They are simple but work wonderfully!
Anyway, here’s to being courageous (and consistent this year!  Do like to set goals in January too?