My hubby’s office (which also get used for guests when they come visit) needed a little makeover. It felt a little dark in there, so my mom (our most frequent guest) gave me a floor lamp in March.  And because I am SUPER slow, I finally found a great shade for it. Target clearance wins again ($7.48)! I think I’ll spray the base oil rubbed bronze.  The brass isn’t a good brass.  It’s fake/gold looking brass.  It’s got to go.

Now I just need to clean the rest of the room, my Halloween costumes for this year are everywhere, trying to keep them out of reach of the little people.  Because the two littlest girls have been in destroyer mode lately.  I seriously have no unused post-it (I have an addiction to office supplies) left in my house and all the sharpies and scissors had to be locked up.  My kindergartener’s Elsa got a haircut this week.  Meltdowns galore. 
I need to paint the new striped curtains. After I finish Halloween.  But I’m thinking that we should maybe lose the bookshelves.  (Fun fact: I have 12 bookcases in my house. We like to read!) The armoire needs to stay because it holds our giant laser printer.  And obviously the desk (and ugly chair) are for the office space.  The apothecary chest holds assorted computer parts and also can’t leave as it’s part of the “office stuff.” 
Keeping it real folks.
But isn’t that mirror over the bed great?  My crafty mom made that with a $5 Walmart mirror and scraps from my garage.  Awesome, huh?  We saw one that looked almost just like it at hobby lobby for $80.  Plus it makes the room so much brighter! 
Off to work on Halloween costumes, and clean off the messy bed. 😉 Maybe that will motivate me to clean out more stuff!

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