Welcome to my 2013 Halloween home tour.  
Why a halloween home tour, you ask?  I love to share my projects with you, but the real reason for this is so I can remember where to put everything next year.  I never can remember from year to year! 😉  And then it takes me two weeks of re-arranging to get everything right.  So, let’s streamline the holiday process and leave more time for fun!
*My kids range in age from 12 to 1, so I like things spooky, but not scary.*
I’m not extremely happy with the front door area, but haven’t had time to fix it yet.  I’ll update the porch picture once I get it right.  It’s too busy down low and not enough up high. It feels unbalanced. I need to add some spider web up in the corners for sure.  Maybe I’ll move the plants to the back porch and Dracula might move inside.  I’m not liking him where he’s at.  A few lanterns would be nice.
Any thoughts on painting the porch floor gray?
 You’ve already seen the painted pumpkins and my spooky wreath.  I added to the wreath a few halloween picks I found when I got all my decor boxes out, and a raven, just for kicks.
Up close of my witchy sign.  It’s actually reversible, I’ll show you the other side next week.  The cool twig broom was $3 from the Salvation Army store when my mom and Elizabeth were here.  Love it!
I am super happy with my foyer this year.  The new paint doesn’t compete with my decorations, so it looks much more festive.  Mom and Elizabeth stained the shoe crates that my hubby built under the bench.  I’m supposed to paint numbers on them like lolly jane’s.  Someday.
Up close of my “scary” trees.  The pails were from target’s dollar spot last year.  The twigs were from my yard (sprayed black) and the bats and ghosts were made from scrap fabric, all on hand.  So it was a $2 project!
The bat garland is from the target dollar spot.
 You might recognize the star and the smaller birdhouse on top of the hoosier cabinet.  They are from the mother-of-all-garage-sales but had a little makeover.  
I loved the spider coming out of the birdhouse.

We decorated the pictures on our family wall in the dining room with peel and stick googly eyes and a sharpie.  My kids thought it was SOO much fun!
 I LOVE this one.  Not just because it spooky (battery operated led candles with a timer are one of my new favorite things!), but because it’s on a tray, I just lift the whole thing off for meals and put it back when we are done.  Having a centerpiece on a tray will be sticking around for awhile.
 Bats in my belfry.  Well, in my dining room anyway.  They were left over from our trunk or treat decorations the year we all dressed with batman as our theme.  My kids love them.
 The mantle changes every year.  I re-used my chalkboard banner.  I’m also loving the chalkboard bucket list these days.
Top o’ the TV cabinet.
Banner in the playroom.  I change it out for each holiday, and use it for kid picture display in between.  The ribbon is neutral (brown gingham) so I don’t have to change it out, hung on spray painted stocking holders from dollar tree.  Works like a charm.  But haha, I only just noticed looking at the picture, that the painters switched the holders around.  They aren’t in the order I usually have them. 🙂

My halloween book basket.  I change this out for each holiday as well. 
Luckily Halloween books are easy to find at the thrift store.
It’s not everything because it’s hard to get good light in all the different rooms during nap time.  Let’s face it, I was doing good to get these done 😉
Are you all decorated and ready for Halloween?  Or do you wait until right before the holiday to decorate?
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