Are you ready fo fall?  Pulling out your wreath and the pumpkin scented candles? I‘m not really ready for fall yet. I never am because it’s always too hot here. I did pull out my autumn wreath. I felt like it was too early for my spooky Halloween wreath. Maybe next week. 
(Funny story: I added the monogram to the wreath to make my 14 year old son happy. He needed more symmetry. He kept adjusting the wreath crooked for me because he thought I had hung it wonky. I liked it like that. ;))
We went to the pool on Friday! So, no cooling in these parts. But, I like to be prepared, so I’ve started shopping to get ready. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the spookiness and all the opportunity for creativity it provides. The last few years I have loved the stuff at dollar tree for adding an inexpensive and fun touch to my Halloween decor. The only problem is the good stuff is always disappears way before the holiday, so run and get yours before it’s all gone. 
I’m hosting book club at my house next month. We are reading The Woman in White, a gothic novel. I figured I should decorate my refreshment table accordingly. 
I was disappointed that my dollar tree didn’t have crows, like in past years. But I got these great skeleton tongs, black flowers, some creepy mesh fabric, a couple of rats (looks like one ran off ;)) and a skull that  looks very plasticky. Because it is. So Mr. Bones will get a little makeover. I’m thinking silver, like the one I saw at pottery barn. Couldn’t find it online though. 
The giant Google eyes will go in my living room window (they glow the dark!) and the cut outs under the skull will mean less work for me to decorate my upstairs windows this year. 
I also  have to work fast and furious on our family’s costumes for this year. We all dress together for Halloween. It’s kind of fun. But, I’m way behind this year. Normally, I’m almost done by this time. It’s going to be a busy holiday season. Any guesses for our theme this year? 

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