With all my good intentions, I never manage to get everything in my list done. But at least I tried. 🙂  I started switching out clothes for the season. I do it twice a year and it is an ordeal every time. Because, 8 kids means a LOT of clothes. These are half the bins in this picture. There is one bin for each kid size. Thank goodness I have a big attic.  At least it makes them happy to get “new” clothes.

I’m trying to pare down on the sheer amount of clothing per person, so I’m doing less laundry from clean clothes thrown on the floor. I’m afraid I’m not a very good example of paring down though. I bought two pairs of jeans, two spring sweaters, and two tops this week because they had great, cute stuff at the thrift store. Time to clean out my closet too. 😉
I love Easter. These cute gold Sunday shoes will go with pink dresses for girls and pink ties for boys. I still haven’t finished sewing one of the dresses and Andrew’s bib. Procrastination at work. We already had our family Easter egg hunt this morning.  Craziness and wrappers everywhere.  But we survived and everyone (eventually) participated.
But the best part of the weekend is that we get to listen to General Conference today and tomorrow (and eat donuts). “Come listen to a prophets voice, and hear the word of God.” I’m excited! It’s going to be a busy weekend. I hope you have fun as you celebrate the resurrection of the Savior with your family. He lives!

Have a happy Easter! 
P.S. I got an exciting package in the mail yesterday!

Maybe one day I’ll actually learn to take decent pictures! 😉

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