This is one of my best tips ever!  It will cut a lot of nasty fats out of your diet!
Bean Flour Sauce Base:
5tbs bean flour
2 c water
spices and seasoning to taste

You take 5 tbs of bean flour (Grind small navy beans in your wheat grinder),
and mix it in with two cups of water.  I like to shake them together in an old jar.  

Pour into your pan; whisk constantly while you bring to a boil.  Simmer until thickened. It won’t take long.  Just a few minutes at the most.  Add bouillon (4 cubes), chicken bits, tvp, or mushrooms that flavor your “cream soup.”   Don’t forget your favorite herbs and spices!  You can also use this sauce as a base for any white sauce (Alfredo, Mac and Cheese, Stroganoff etc.) just add your cheese, or sour cream after you have removed the pan from heat.

Now you may tease your bean-hating child about how much he loved the beany meal he just ate without realizing it was beans!!

For more info and videos, I recommend:
food storage made’s post “beans the magical fruit“.
Here you go Elizabeth & Nicole!  I will post the accompanying recipes 
(stroganoff and chicken pot pie) as soon as I get them together!

What recipe would you use this healthy sauce in?
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