I started off this morning texting this picture to Elizabeth 
(who had her baby! He has a dimple, too cute!).
The painter came and slapped four samples up for after I told him what I wanted.  
This is the color I had been looking for!  
A beautiful greige (Barley Field by Behr) to lighten up this two story cave.
So we did some of this,
and some more of this, while we tried to stay out of the house most of the day.  Tomorrow will be interesting for sure.  I have appointments and kids will be banished in their rooms to keep them away from the hubs who will be working and the painters.

This is where they stopped for the night.  (Keepin’ it real.  Does your two year old ever put their own toothbrush away.)  You can see how much lighter the new color is compared to the old tan.  The entry is two stories and they painted the dark tan ceiling back to white first.

Another view, at dusk.  It totally weirded the hubs out.  “It’s white!” he said.  He’ll get used to it. 

I need your advice ASAP!  Do I go against my painters advice and go gray in the living room?  Talking resale value, he thinks the gray is a mistake.  I think he’s wrong.
Do you have a favorite gray paint you can recommend?  
And what on earth should I paint the family room/ kitchen?
Please help!