I love house tours. No, that’s not strong enough. I LOVE house tours. I spent more time as a child arranging my doll house, (and Barbie’s house too!) than actually playing with the dolls. And usually forced them to have major life changes that mandated remodels as I played. (How many times does Barbie really get married anyway? And have twin baby girls!?!) I was the nerd who was buying old interior design books at the used book sale at the library as a middle schooler. Oh and stole my mother’s house plan book (Sorry Mom!) and read it until the cover fell off. But I heard at the beginning of high school that you had to do math to be a designer. And I don’t do math. High school algebra, I’m looking at you.  So I majored in English, because I also love to read. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. But while driving at night up the mountain to our newlywed apartment in college, I would peek into the windows of the fancy houses our building stood next to. Not to see the people, but their house stuff. I told the hubs to drive slow, so I could see. He thought I was silly. He still does.

I decided it is high time I documented our home. Starting with dining room. Mostly because it was clean(ish) already.

dining room 
We actually have six chairs, but only two are currently at the table because, hello, eight kids. The table is actually really large, around 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet long. When we were planning for a new table because we were out growing our small newlywed one, (back in 2004) I was thinking of a lovely farmhouse table, with a stained top and beautiful chippy white painted legs like I had seen on HGTV. But I never told the hubs this, (communication is important people) and he is a man of action, so, he got this local pickup with a couple of water rings on the top for a song on eBay. It was my first refinishing project with stain and polly! I learned to love it. It has casters for easy cleanup after meals. And with the two leaves in we can really feed a crowd!. I have babied it for years. No dents in my table! Now, I can see you laughing at me, reader. And yes, certain four year old girls who will not be named recently stabbed my poor table to death with a fork. There might have been some weeping when I discovered what had occurred. And gnashing of teeth. And now I’m over it. I think everyone has that moment, when you turn into your mother. “You guys break everything! I can’t have anything nice!” I totally get it now.  Sorry, Mom.
dining table, benches 
The tile floors are not my favorite. They are boring beige. And though I know most people dont feel the same way, I subscribe to the “tile is only for bathrooms and laundry rooms” theory. Did you know that is a thing? It is. And cleaning grout is like my least favorite chore.  I also think carpet is only for bedrooms, but still have it in most of my house. You can’t have it all. At once. 😉
dining chandelier 
We moved this chandy from the living room, where it was when we moved here. It had shades over each light. I felt they weren’t necessary. The high chandelier is a request of the hubs. Not because he’s super tall, but because his head is a chandelier magnet. Seriously, he’ll hit it EVERY.  Single. Time.  Thus, they must always be raised higher than normal to keep him from banging his head every time he sits down. Because of the height, the cord was a little looped and looked ugly.  I bought the cord cover for it, and have loved it ever since.

dining room gallery wall 
I love my family gallery wall. Our families our spread out all over the country and it helps my kids remember what everyone looks like. You might notice that the frames don’t all match anymore. We’ve broken a few frames lately. Okay, it was six months ago. Someday I’ll paint them to match.  Maybe.  And my big chalkboard, which was from the mother of all garage sales, has a banner I can change out for holidays and birthdays, and a place to write quotes. What’s not to like? It combines two of my favorite things: banners & quotes.
pallet wood arrow 
My mom (Who is, by the way, the coolest ever. She’s been rocking power tools for as long as I can remember) made the arrow for me, among other things, out of a pallet I got from my neighbor. It is pointing right as a subtle reminder to the kids. And maybe me. 
den and dining 
The dining room is open to the family room. Most people would call it the breakfast room, but we use the formal dining as a formal living room, because that’s what works for us. We USE this room. I couldn’t even get a shot without the midgets. 
den and dining room 
I have big plans to trim out those windows. Farm house style. Hopefully, that will get done soon.  I really do enjoy all the natural light in this house. 
The dining room is open to the kitchen, which I love. It makes cooking dinner while supervising homework and chores so much easier. So, sorry that I didn’t clean off my counters for you. But this is real life and we’re all friends here. And I told you the dining room was clean. I said nothing about the rest of the house. 😉

So, that’s our dining room. Which will room be clean next? 😉

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