Back to the house tour! This is our living room:

living room navy couches
This is the first room you see when you come into our home. I love the crown moulding. And the chair moulding and box trim below. I kind of love trim.
We’ve had the piano since our oldest was a baby.  It’s a little worse for the wear, but it still works for piano practice. (90% of the keys anyway ;))  
living room navy couches
The rug is from Target several years ago.  I like to buy outdoor rugs for the family/high traffic areas of the house.  They handle abuse better. This one has even survived a nail polish spill. Bright green polish, no less! 
navy sofa

The curtains are drop cloths with faux french pleats and a fun navy print at the top. Curtain rod is from Hobby Lobby.  The antique sewing machine the hubby’s sweet mom brought back from England when they lived there.  It actually still works!

The navy couch and matching chair are vintage. My mom bought them at a garage sale when I was little and recovered them herself.  When we bought our first house she recovered them again for me. I still love the navy fabric. The turquoise velvet pillows were from Goodwill.  The quatrefoil pillows were from Costco. 

living room gallery wall family photos

This is our gallery wall.  My kids love it.  The baby likes to point and have us name off each person.  He’s not big enough to ask where he is yet, thankfully.  Time for a new picture! Every so often I change out what’s written on the chalkboard made from an ugly old oil painting found at Goodwill.  The temple picture is from Kristyn at lil luna.
living room navy arm chair spinet piano 
There’s the matching navy chair. The doors go through to the kitchen. I put a child safety lock on each side to keep kids from busting through. We didn’t need a formal dining room, but we did need a formal living room, so we are using it in the way that works best for our family. We use this room multiple times a day, and that what’s important right? Making your home work for you.

target lampshade clock fern hymnals

I really struggled with the lamp in here. The first try didn’t work. The second try bothered me for a long time until I finally settled on taking the lamp from our guest room/office and putting it in here instead. I love the little clock.  I have a thing about having clocks in every room so I can always check the time.

navy vintage sofa living room

This room is a bright happy place, and sometimes many times it is the only clean room in the house.  But it’s so nice to always have one room that feels like a safe haven in our home.

Have you repurposed a room in your home that wasn’t working for your family?  What’s your favorite room in your home?

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