My daughter wanted a jewelry box for a long time. I got one. It was broken within a week of her birthday. So this time around, I wanted one that was sturdy: she has three younger siblings, and one of them broke the little cheapie one I got her the first time. 

So, the goals here were real wood, and not many moving parts to break. This one was missing the mirror (actually a good thing, one less thing to break 😉) and had a hinged lid with one drawer.
I sanded it lightly, wiped it off and then cut some adds up to fit exactly in the openings of the top and the drawer, to protect the velvet interior lining. 
These twinkies (my cheering section) watched from door. They REALLY wanted to come outside, but spray paint and littles do not mix well. 
I gave it two light coats with white satin rustoleum that I had on hand. Then I roughed it up a little with some sandpaper so it didn’t look so boring. 
The paper worked perfectly. And I didn’t have to tape anything. Score!
She put it on the bookshelf in her room. Not where I would have put it, but I’m trying to let them make some choices for themselves. The room is slowly getting done. I think slow is the only speed I can do right now. I guess I need to grow some patience. 😊
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