Do you have cup problem at your house?  Mine was a disaster.  There were constantly cups ALL OVER my kitchen counters.  We needed a solution, and fast!
I found this bin in our garage.  I got my cups out to see if they would fit.  You want  them to fit snugly so they don’t jostle,  or if you aren’t lazy like me you could put in some dividers to hold your cups in place
Next measure your box and on picmonkey edit all your pictures to fit.  I just squared mine up.  Then open the up in your word processing program and slap all together  and adjust the size as needed.  Print and then laminate.  I cut the laminated paper to exactly fit the box so it wouldn’t move around.  Hubby keeps his cup on top of the fridge.  Always has, always will. 🙂
Now even the toddler knows where to put her cup.  You like how my cup (with the red straw) has crystal light still stuck to it? 🙂
It makes me happy.  A place for everything…
…and everything in it’s place.  Drinks anyway.  This is a down low cabinet near the fridge so we have less walking with a cup across the room spills.  Works for us!  And my semi-cleared counters.  Now if I can get them to stop putting everything else on the counters, we’ll be golden!
What do you do with your cups?  
A fresh one every time, or hidden in a cabinet?