Sorry if it’s a little quiet around here.  We’re all spending time with kids for the summer and are having fun instead of blogging 🙂  And Elizabeth’s baby will be here any day now, we can’t wait to see him!

I got a new bigger stainless steel refrigerator last year it lovely, but nothing sticks to the front 🙂   Which is a good thing since it keeps my kitchen looking uncluttered.  So now,  I love using the side of the fridge as my kitchen command center.  It’s location makes it harder to see from the rest of the house, but keeps everything easily accessible for me when I’m working in the kitchen.  And with school starting again in just a little over a month for us, it keeps the piles of paper (four kids in school this year!) under control.

I love magnetic organizational tools!  I have hooks for aprons (mine and little helpers), a pen holder for my shopping list, a little pink bin for business and appointment cards, a timer, a measuring conversion chart, and my big paper catcher…

that my hubby got from Ross as a laundry supply holder.  It has a BIG magnet on the back and holds a ton of papers easily.  I go through it and clean it out about once a week during school.

My shopping list and pen.  I start my list from the bottom of the page so I can cut it off if it’s a short list.

I love this quote I got from church years ago.  It helps me remember to not be a pig. 🙂

This measuring magnet came from the dollar spot at Target.  I use this constantly!

This locker organizer was on clearance for a buck from Target last September.  It holds all my business cards and appointment reminders.  I like to keep them just in case my online calendar eats an appointment, since it happens occasionally.

We have a fun kid calendar for the kids to learn to read a calendar and keep track of important events.  There is a kid safety lock on both sides of the doors to the dining room (that we use as a formal living room) to keep kid races from running through.

And if you have any real stainless steel like my fridge, these wipes are fabulous.  I got them from Dollar Tree and the keep my fridge looking clean for a few days.  And that’s saying something people.

How do you keep on top of all the paper?  
Are you ready for back to school?