I always wonder about how big families handle things. It’s a good thing we don’t have cable, or I would have spent hours watching the Duggars. ;). So, because I’m nosy, I thought I’d share mine with you. 
Littlest girl just got promoted to dirty laundry duty. She gathers all the dirty stuff from the hampers and puts it in one basket in the laundry room. I sort directly into the washer out of that basket. I do laundry every day except Sunday. Usually about three loads. But, I only sort and fold clean laundry three times a week. The clean baskets sit in the hallway outside my bedroom until I’m ready for them. 

My laundry room is smaller than my bedroom closet. Too small for each person’s basket to be accessible at once. I started out by sorting and folding laundry on my bed. But after kid number 7 arrived, that had to change so that our master bedroom was not the auxiliary laundry room that happened to have a bed in it. So, now the laundry action happens on the family room rug. The stack of laundry above (which is fairly typical) is three feet tall.
It took me half an hour to do all of it. I finished in one episode of the radio show I was listening to. I will admit that I am pretty speedy. I like to do things quickly. Except sleeping. I’m a horrible insomniac. 
Each family member has their own basket. Everyone but the baby is supposed to put their own laundry away. There are also baskets for kitchen towels and for cloth napkins. The bathroom towels get folded and put in my basket for my bathroom, and one of the kids to go to the upstairs bathrooms. I use large sterilite baskets for individual laundry baskets. They are big enough to hold several days worth of clothes plus they are small enough for all but my littlest two people to carry themselves. They are also pretty sturdy. We have had these for over a year and only lost one to standing on it like a step stool. My kids will stand on anything in their quest to reach trouble. 😉
And bonus time! A new trick I just learned from Martha, roll your kitchen towels instead of folding them to fit more into the drawer neatly. It worked really well!

And speaking of smelly things (laundry)…we had friends (or pets, as my deprived children called them) for a week. Until I couldn’t stand the smell any longer. The kids named them Herby and Turbo. 

I think they were just as grateful as I was, for their release back into the wild backyard. 🙂 And yes I did bleach the cake stand afterwards. 

Run Turbo, run while you still can!  

What’s your laundry routine? Do you have a favorite detergent or laundry smell? Anyone a crazy Gain fan? Mine is arm and hammer liquid. 
**I started this post in May. Then my dryer died. I didn’t want to talk about laundry for a while. Because of the extended warranty we had it took 6 weeks to get it fixed. Six weeks is a LONG time to line dry clothes for 8 little people (and two adults) who think they should change clothes multiple times a day. Line dry in my garage (curses HOA!) Long story short, while I buy many things from home improvement stores, the one we bought our dryer from has horrible extended warranty service on appliances. Do your homework. Read the reviews BEFORE you buy. End of rant.
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