And here we have the living room lamp, done over again.  
I have to admit that I really like the red base.

As a reminder, this is where I started.
 I wanted to do a cheap version of this lamp at target.

It looked like the lamp was on all the time.  The yellow just didn’t work with the greenish grey walls in the living room.  Ick.
And here we are now.  I painted the base of the lamp red with paint I already had.  Then I taped off two stripes and sprayed the shade back to white.
 I still worry about the shade.  I was afraid it looks too much like a jersey sock with the stripes.
But I decided to leave it be for now.
Should I paint the rest of the shade white or leave it as is?  What do you think?
Now I’m itching to paint the lamp bases in my master bedroom a fun color.  Good thing I’m too large (in the belly) to want to go shopping for paint right now.  Only five weeks until my due date!

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